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Courses and Trips for Kayakers of All Levels

Spend time paddling with Nelson Adventure Company and getting back in touch with nature. Come paddle with us! We have many options for fun on the water. Skill classes and paddles can be arranged at convenient appropriate venues around Southern California. 

Everyone learns differently and at different speeds, so we offer custom skills to meet every individual's needs. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced kayaker, you will truly enjoy your experience with our team. The American Canoe Association (ACA) offers a curriculum we use for classes and assessments.


Beginner paddlers can start at Level 3 skills classes with us gaining those skills and work toward an Assessment class. 

ACA Level 3 classes  

» Coastal Kayak: Basic Strokes & Rescues

» Coastal Kayak: Strokes & Maneuvers Refinement

» Kayak Rolling

» Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment

After receiving your Level 3 Assessment, there are more opportunities for fun.

ACA Level 4 classes 

» Open Water Coastal Kayaking: Open Water Skills

» Open Water Coastal Kayaking: Surf Zone

» Open Water Coastal Kayaking: Tidal Currents

» Open Water Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment

If there are particular skills you want to work on, we can work on them while on a half day paddle or focus on the skills at a convenient venue.

We also offer women only paddles and classes taught by women instructors. 


Take a trip with us! Southern California offers a lot of beauty to be seen from the water. Let us customize a trip for you and your group. If you want to take a class we offer, it can happen while we paddle on a trip. 

Destinations and Venues


Channel Islands

Palos Verdes

Black Canyon

Group Near a Waterfall

Relax Taking a Luxury, High-End Canoe Adventure

The Nelson Adventure Company also provides a canoe trip for small groups through the majestic Black Canyon, which is near Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. 

You will take a scenic canoe paddle down the Colorado River surrounded by canyon rock formations on calm, crystal clear green water. Two nights will be spent upscale camping with easy access to relaxing natural hot springs. Included during the trip are meals prepared by a chef, morning yoga practice with a yoga instructor, and massage appointments.